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Sherlock Refrigerant Monitors

Cmo and Genesis Sensors
Our Sherlock refrigerant monitors are reliable, cost-effective, and are available in two or three alarm levels.  They can monitor up to sixteen sensing points and sensors are available for most all refrigerants, including ammonia. A Sherlock System can monitor many different refrigerants using just a single control panel. They also work continuously, not a cycle of sampling.

Additional Sherlock Refrigerant Monitor Features Include:

  • Choice of Solid State, Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (CMOS), or Infrared Refrigerant Sensors
  • Easy Menu-Driven Field Calibration
  • Full Battery Backup
  • Dry Contacts to Control Fans or Remote Alarms

Available Options:

  • Remote Alarms and Strobe
  • Vent Line Sensors
  • Oxygen Deprivation Sensors
  • Auto-Alarm Dialer – Calls up to four numbers
All Sherlock refrigerant monitors meet the ASHRAE 15-1994 Standard and Uniform Mechanical Code.  We make refrigerant sensor and monitor applications in multiple location and different refrigerants easy and affordable.

We Also Carry:

  • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
  • Personal Monitor – Wear on your belt or around your neck
  • Filtered Gas Masks
  • “Service Buddy” Portable Gas Refrigerant Monitor – Be safe, set this up in the equipment room before you go to work
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