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High Efficiency Purge Units

Purge unit
The Redi-Controls ultra-high efficiency purge units are rated at only .54 lbs. of refrigerant per pound of noncondensables.
Combine with a Cryo-line purge canister and achieve an amazing rating of .00040 lb. of refrigerant per pound of noncondensables.
We have high efficiency purge units in-stock and can ship them today!  
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Special Features Include:

  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI) Certified to Standard 580
  • Fully microprocessor controlled
  • Costs less than comparable purge units
  • Costs less to install
  • Does not have to be mounted on top of the condenser
  • No risky drilling into the chiller condenser
  • Utilizes existing purge connections
  • Installs without pulling the refrigerant charge
  • Built-in protection prevents loss of refrigerant due to malfunction or operator error
  • Suitable for R11, R123, or R113

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