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Chiller Motors

  Chiller Motors - Centrifugal or Screw Units
Rewinding | Motor Lamination | Motor Shaft and Rotor | Motor Assembly and Parts | Testing | Warranty

Rewinding | Back to top
All motors are rewound using a special glass served wire and insulation package. This package is rated at 5KV with extra coil bracing designed to reduce end coil movement during high torque starts. All rewinds must exceed the NEMA specifications before our special epoxy coatings are applied. All materials and processes used are proprietary and are compatible with R123, R11, R134A, R12, and R22.

Motor Lamination | Back to top
All motors undergo complete Lamination Core Testing. This includes checking for watts loss, magnetic flux, and shorted laminations. After removing the old windings, another full test is performed. This second test is compared with the original, and then compared to a cumulative standard for all motors of the same type lamination. These tests determine whether laminations are repaired, re-stacked or replaced. All motors must meet or exceed new motor specifications.

Motor Shaft and Rotor | Back to top
Shafts are inspected for journal size, total indicated run out, as well as thread and key slot wear. All shafts are remanufactured to the original machine and balance specifications. Rotors are electrically tested to assure the bars are not separated or broken. We can re-bar the existing rotor or manufacture a new replacement if required.

Motor Assembly and Parts | Back to top
We use only parts that meet or exceed OEM Specifications. New Bearings are always installed during assembly. Parts are checked to verify they meet all specifications.

Testing | Back to top
After assembly all motors are run and subjected to his full battery of tests:

    • Amp draw and voltage is checked for balance on T-legs and per phase
    • Oil flows and temperature differential is checked across each bearing to assure proper clearance and fit
    • Vibration is measured in three plains on each end of the motor using half keys
    • Rotation is verified to ABC incoming power
    • Rotors are rechecked for open bars using low voltage in a single phase mode
    • Total indicated run-out on the shaft is verified and double checked
    • End clearance is checked with OEM specifications. (if so designed)
    • All motors are coated to prevent rusting, wrapped in plastic and placed in a wooden crate for shipment

Warranty | Back to top
All motors carry a full one year replacement warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.