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Impeller and Seal Repair

Chiller impeller
Blue Sky Technologies provides impeller and seal repair services for rebuilt and remanufactured commercial compressors. This is a very cost-effective solution with a really quick turnaround time!
A close visual inspection is made to locate obvious problems. Impellers and seals are then checked for cracks using a dye test. Diameter, bore, and keyway are then checked against original specifications. Call us today at (800) 351-3978 for more information and pricing.

Impeller Hub Replacement

  • When wear or cracks are found, the old hub is removed and a new hub is manufactured.
  • The new hub is installed using pins and then welded into place.
  • The new hub then machine bored to specifications and a new keyway is cut.
  • Impellers are then thoroughly cleaned and balanced.

Repair/Remanufactured Vane

  • Missing or cracked vanes can be replaced or repaired.
  • Impellers are returned to the original design specifications.

Seal Repair

  • We can repair, remanufacture, or even build new seals for Carrier, Trane, or York commercial compressors using the same type of processes noted above.
  • Give us a call, we’ll be happy to provide a quote!


All repairs are covered by a full one year warranty.

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For over 20 years, Blue Sky Technologies has provided the HVAC industry with new and remanufactured compressors, refrigerant monitors, repair parts, and other specialty equipment.  We have a long string of repeat customers because we focus on efficiency and attention to details.
We strive to provide top quality customer service. Our team will serve your needs completely, honestly, and in a friendly manner. Why don’t you give us a shot today?
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